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Hank Energy Audit, Your Path to Sustainable Energy Solutions!

Who is Hank ?

Hank is a Registered Energy Advisor for House serving the Ottawa area. The service organization is Canada Energy Audit, which is  certified by Natural Resources Canada to perform residential energy solutions.

Yes! Free energy grants are available for Water Heater, Heat Pumps, Attic Insulation, Basement Insulation and Windows & Doors.

From your career to your family, you have many essential priorities in your life. Your home should be one of them. We make getting rebates for your next home renovation easy, just simply call, email, text, or message us through our website, we can have your energy audit booked within days.

Why Do An Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a systematic evaluation of the energy usage and efficiency of a building, facility, or process. It involves a detailed analysis of energy consumption patterns, equipment efficiency, and overall energy performance. The primary objective of an energy audit is to identify opportunities for energy savings and provide recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

Cost Savings: One of the primary motivations for an energy audit is the potential for significant cost savings. By identifying areas of energy waste and inefficiency, an audit can highlight opportunities for reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. Implementing the recommended energy-saving measures can lead to substantial financial savings in the long run.

By offering these services, energy audit companies play a crucial role in helping businesses, organizations, and homeowners make informed decisions to reduce energy waste, lower costs, and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

Our Services

Energy Assessment

Perform detailed energy assessments by examining the energy consumption patterns of clients' properties, including residential, commercial, and corporate buildings.Analyze utility bills, meter readings, and other relevant data to identify energy consumption trends,Conduct on-site inspections to evaluate the efficiency of heating & ventilation

Data Analysis

Collect and analyze the information gathered during energy audits to identify areas for energy savings and determine potential cost savings. Detailed audit reports outlining current energy usage, potential improvement areas, Address any questions or issues that clients may have while succinctly and clearly outlining conclusions and suggestions.

Compliance & Regulations

Stay updated with the latest energy efficiency standards, building codes, and regulatory requirements relevant to the residential, commercial, and corporate sectors. Ensure that all energy audits and recommendations align with industry best practices and comply with local and national energy regulations. we can deliver even more!

Return on Investment

Considering the potential return on investment for implementing the suggested energy-saving recommendations is a crucial component of the energy audit service. Customers can prioritize actions that provide the greatest financial rewards by using the company's payback period and estimated cost savings calculations for each proposed improvement.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Some energy audit companies also specialize in renewable energy technologies. They may offer additional services such as solar energy assessments and wind energy feasibility studies. These assessments can help clients understand the viability and benefits of integrating renewable energy into their energy mix.


Energy audits frequently reveal places where upgrading the thermal insulation, HVAC, or lighting would improve comfort levels. Employee health, productivity, and well-being can all benefit from a well-controlled indoor environment. Enhancing the building's energy efficiency will improve the occupants' general satisfaction and comfort.

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